Konshens Speaks Up - Talks Masicka, Demarco, Aidonia, Corey Todd and K Swizz

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According to Konshens, if you don't tell your side of the story then someone else will tell it for you. In this 20 minutes long interview he address issues surrounding the incident with K Swizz, Masicka leaving Subkonshus Music, various artistes diss songs and more.

Konshens shed some light on the song from Masicka titled "Loyalty" in which Masicka told his side of the story surrounding why he left Subkonshus Music. Although Masicka said big up to Konshens in this track, Konshens believes that the artiste painted a bad picture of him. Konshens claims he doesn't care much about street credits because you can't take it and feed your children. According to Konshens, there's no beef between him and Aidonia personally and that he was only pushing Masicka's thing forward as far as the diss songs are concerned. Konshens says that he will not be responding to any of these artistes songs because he doesn't sing song for man and that many of these artistes are trying to look a hype because Sting 2014 is around the corner. Watch the full interview below for more details.

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