Konshens - Gal Ting (Official Viral Video)

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Viral video by Konshens performing "Gal Ting" off the 'Blacklight Riddim', produced by Dre Skull of Mixpak Records. Video directed and produced by RD Studios.

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Konshens - Gal Ting (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
One, two, three aunty loo loo
Gyal mi seh bad man nuh do doo doo
Yuh pu$$y tiny, obeah, voodoo
Do weh mi seh bout no man cyah rule yuh
Bend over like seh yuh just drop a Manley
Ram out yuh pu$$y mek yuh legs dem bandy
How yuh so thick, mussi run inna yuh fambly
Tell yuh how long mi a plan fi yuh

Da f*k yah put dung fi yuh
Da f*k yah put dung fi yuh
Da f*k yah put dung fi yuh
Mi a go tek it up now and give yuh

(Verse 2)
Gyal, bend up, bend up, bend up...
Set up, set up yuh self gyal
Da style deh mussi mek up yuh self gyal
Turn yuh on mek yuh wet up yuh self gyal
Whine pon c*ky till yuh sweat up yuh self gyal

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 2)
(Repeat Chorus)