Konshens - From Mi Born (Gal Mi Sey) - Head Concussion Records

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New track from Konshens titled "From Mi Born (Gal Mi Sey)" off the 'Futuro Riddim', song produced by Rvssian (Head Concussion Records) and Zj Chrome (Cr203 Records).

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Konshens - From Mi Born [Gal Mi Sey] - (Lyrics Snippet)

From the day mi born out a mi mother belly
The gal dem mi love nuh man mi nah penny
One day without gal inna di territory
Dat feel like a prison, head gone cemetery
Yuh nuh want nuh gal then yuh nah hold no meddy
From di gal dem a call mi long time mi ready
Real life gallis a nuh just imaginary
Full time gallis a nuh just temporary

We tell dem a gal mi sey
Grande park sey a gal we sey
Portmore sey a gal we sey
Spanish Town sey a gal we sey
Dung a Town gal we sey
Mobay man sey a gal we sey
Ocho team sey a gal we sey
Riverton gal we sey

The first thing mi learn from mi father
Man go to woman a di law dat a order
Don't cross di line don't step cross di border
Try find a strong black woman not a brother
Mi rather one ugly gal inna a Lada
Than me and a bag a man a roll inna Prada
Malika, Tameka, Taneisha, Tamara
If yuh nuh see mi, me and a gal inna di corner