Konshens - Care Zero (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Konshens performing "Care Zero" off the 'Fire Supreme Riddim' produced by Armz House Records. Video directed by RD Studios.

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Konshens - Care Zero (Lyrics Snippet)

Yeah though I walk through the valley of darkness
Jah guide mi steps, so mi think more and mi talk less
And I, I... Mi know

Dem nuh like mi but a just so
The last time I check I care zero
Cah nuff a dem smile when dem see yuh
But as yuh back turn a dem a pree yuh
And a pree fi defeat yuh

(Verse 1)
A lucky thing we no beg, we no love follow
No bwoy nah put on mi pot
Mi cyah believe a dem friend inna the cold
Yet badmind because we hot
Guess what, As a likkle money get inna the picture
Dutty colors a go show who a switcher
Dem pree the Bimmer and the Konz weh yuh inna
And a wish a dem did richer
Mi done seet

Less a dem, better fi mi
Think dem was friend, never fi mi
Swear seh a mi family dem
But dem was never no bredda to mi
Jah Jah seh son nobody cyah page yuh
Some a dem a ask how mi hype and stay so
Sidung pon mi name every bloodclaat day so