Konshens - 1000 Forward / Suh Mi Program (Official Video)

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Music video by Konshens performing "1000 Forward" and "Suh Mi Program". Video directed by Dameon Gayle.

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Konshens - 1000 Forward (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
No bwoy naw put on man pot round a yard
So me nuh too matter who nuh like when me talk
Man a independent youth weh work hard
So no gyal cyah box man inna face with no draws

Listen dis
Some bwoy a real paper solider
Run down man liquor and dem we drunk of a soda
If a pedifile ever mek a step bout yah
Entire game a go over, yuh know wah

Anything weh me inna a mi money buy it
I and I could a never tun a funny guy
And me naw bow fi par wid a money guy
Dem dutty livity a nuh fi I

(Chorus 1)
Weh me say
Gun cheap so we have strap whole heap
That's why gangsta nuh tek chat whole heap
Dis man from bout yah weh di ting knock whole heap
As yuh quint, yuh drop a sleep

(verse 2)
Mi love see the gyal dem weh a boss pn the road
Know yuh full a style and class pon the road
Even if dem chat you when yuh pass pon the road
Dem could a never tek the steps weh you walk pon the road

Levels Some gyal a Instagram meet up
Online sexy but mash up if you meet up
When you touch the road gyal
Yuh bun the streets up
Every step yuh tek hot, road heat up

Baby You nuh frighten fi say you get a money guy
Yuh never get a f*k off a the man
Hey gyal yuh nuh fi lie
Some gyal would a sell dem soul fi f*k a top man
Dis dem fren fi f*k a bad man
But you see

(Chorus 2)
Clothes cheap and you have dem whole heap
Original hot gyal nuh tek chat whole heap
Portmore gyal dem body clean and neat
Tell a dutty gyal fi go drop a sleep