Kiyode Erasto Brings New EP 'Benna Soca Style'

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Antiguan entertainer Kiyode Erasto puts us in the party mood with his new EP Benna Soca Style, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on May 19, 2015, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE. Benna soca is an upbeat, up-tempo style of soca that is native to Antigua, and Erasto jumps to the forefront of the niche genre with his new collection of benna soca hits.

A member of Antigua-based production house The Federation Family, Erasto delivers seven (7) benna soca tunes on this new EP, just in time for the upcoming Antigua Carnival season. With lyrics that incite festive fervor and beats to match, the tracks are bound to take center-stage at upcoming festivals and fetes, while bringing the native sounds to fans at home and beyond.

Track Listing
1. Them Lie
2. Nothing But Love (NBL)
3. Move Me (Think Ya Bad)
4. Stop Jealous Me
5. Me Love Mi Wife
6. Put It On You
7. She Loves Me Up

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