Kirk Diamond - Love Inna Wi Heart (Official Music Video)

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Kirk Diamond performs music video for "Love Inna Wi Heart" produced by Galang Records. Video directed by XtremeArts.

Kirk Diamond - Love Inna Wi Heart (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Well nuff a say dem heart clean
But it wicked enuh dread
Want everything and everybody else fi beg
And when yuh start fi live
Is like dem waan fi see yuh dead
Mi say a good thing a Jah Jah lock we head

Caw dem nuh waan we have love inna we heart
Dem waan we put gun inna we hand
Dem nuh love fi see when we a dance and galang
Dem nuh love fi hear when we a deejay and galang
But if dem know a weh we know
A better dem pass and galang
Because we naw give weh we life
Fi dem go laugh and galang
After mi nuh pirate fi a blast no cannon
Cyah stop we from fly caw we a no panang
Galang, galang, galang, galang, galang