Kiprich Says He Came Prepared For Mad Cobra And Not Black Ryno, Sting 2013

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Dancehall artiste KipRich says he had no plans to clash Ryno at Sting 30.

According to the artiste, who has three clash victories under his belt, he was prepared for a clash with Mad Cobra. However, he is happy that Ryno is the one who took home the US$30,000 due to the struggles that he (Ryno) faced after leaving the Vybz Kartel-led Portmore Empire.

"Ryno a mi likke friend a swear to God. I came out to deal with the big guns like Cobra because it was me against the odds. Me nuh get fi guh plan nothing fi Ryno. Everything wey yu hear mi talk pon the stage beside Ryno a freestyle, but dem did dun tell Ryno sey him a guh war me," he said.

KipRich says he and Ryno spoke minutes before the clash and that was when he (KipRich) was given a hint that Ryno would have been one of his challengers.

"Mi wouldn't sey is an ambush, but mi mek him get him run. A nuh like mi couldn't deejay, but mi mek him get him run. A nuff ting did a flow through mi head onstage but mi give him the winnings. Mi nuh sing nothing, yu nuh see dat? Me get my money already enuh, yu zimi. Ryno nuh book for the show, suh him not even get the deposit fi di show. Suh a mi pay Ryno fi duh di show," KipRich said.

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