Kiprich - Loyalty (Official Music Video)

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Kiprich performs music video for his single titled "Loyalty", song produced by Dj Frass Records / Outaroad Records. Video directed by Asha / Julia B.

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Kiprich - Loyalty (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Dem say money a root of all evil
So evil is a big money tree
Everybody respect wicked people
Wicked people nuh like nobody
Dem say police fi be wi protection
But protection don't come fi free
Stress wi mad yuh wid all a di bills dem
But madman live easier than we

As anything people run to doctors
Doctor run to home remedy
Upper class a cuss bout economy
But everyday ghetto people party
Hey mi want every foreigner fi hear me
Weh nuh member dem family a yard
Uno know every deportee story
But still uno mek di same mistake abroad

Loyalty over royalty
A dat me a deal wid
When mi say loyalty over royalty
Friendship mi nuh need it
Me a tell yuh loyalty over royalty
Yuh nuh see man a sell out all God
Cah dem nuh loyal
A nuff a dem people yah inna clean clothes but mad