Kiprich - Duppy Walk (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Kiprich performing "Duppy Walk" off the 'Christmas Wul Dem Riddim' produced by Yellow Moon Records.

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Kiprich - Duppy Walk (Lyrics Snippet)

Spanish Town man nuh giggle
Commonsense full yuh up a corn mek yuh wiggle
Tan up inna the miggle
A the battle field and a watch dem a watch
Bag a chat and dem naw do nut'n
Bag a chat and dem naw do nut'n
Bag a chat and dem naw do nut'n
Dem cyah go round the war king

Unuh feel seh waring a one bag a talks
Spain man, mek duppy walk, duppy walk
Yuh feel seh badness and when yuh eyeball dark
Commonsense, mek dubby walk, duppy walk
All when yuh bleach out till yuh white like chalk
Duppy bat still a fly like hawk
Waterhouse still a mek duppy walk, duppy walk

Watch yah nuh, capture land know seh mi no coward
Mi wi mek yuh beg mi fi yuh life and mi no God
Every man deh yasso a sing bout every man
But none naw tek on none pon the stage mad
Man a war wid a man weh lock up inna jail
One inna dem head, that automatically fail
Know weh yuh a do before dem mek the female
Box yuh down wid a box a oxtail