King Jammy Presents 2 CD/DVD Reggae Anthology - Roots, Reality and Sleng Teng

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On July 24, 2015 VP Records vintage imprint 17 North Parade will release a brand new 2CD/DVD reggae anthology from King Jammy, one of Jamaica's most influential producers of all time. Entitled Roots, Reality And Sleng Teng, the comprehensive collection chronicles Lloyd "King Jammy" James' productions throughout the various styles and eras of reggae. From his live analogue recordings to the birth of the digital reggae to modern day reggae/dancehall, Jammy has played a pivotal role in every step along the way. This timeless 2-disc set shows his range and diversity as a producer over almost a 40-year span. The double-disc deluxe package features extensive liner notes written by reggae historian John Masouri as well as a bonus DVD documentary King At The Controls (originally released in 2006).

The album kicks off with some of King Jammy's earlier analogue productions in the late 1970s (when he started working as an engineer with the legendary Jamaican producer King Tubby) and into the 1980s. It includes the 1976 cut "Zambia," which was Jammy's debut single on his own label, The Fantels' "Where You Gonna Run" (indicative of the late rockers era), the hard hitting roots anthem "African Love/Yogi Bear" by Black Uhuru & Prince Hammer, the dancehall rarity "Selassie On His White Horse" by John Steele, Erroll Scorchers' "Engineer Affair" (a cut of Gregory Isaacs' Storm from 1977), "Jah Created The World" by one of Jamaica's best females singers Hortense Ellis (also Alton Ellis' sister), the 1983 dancehall staple Johnny Osbourne's "Water Pumping," the feel good rub-a-dub track "Skank At The Party" by Mighty Rudo and "Boom Shack A Lack" from a teenage Junior Reid as local Waterhouse youth.

The compilation then delves into the digital reggae era when Jammy changed the genre landscape forever. It features his 1985 groundbreaking hit "Under Me Sleng Teng" by Wayne Smith, which ultimately spawned the modern dancehall era with its innovative electronic production style shifting away from live instrumental rhythms. With Jammy working his magic at the boards and Wayne Smith eking the tune out on a cheap Casio battery-powered keyboard, the simple hypnotic track came to life. It spread like wildfire and there were at least two hundred versions of the song made only months after. In the 1980s and 1990s, Jammy became one of the most influential producers of dancehall music, producing hit after hit and dominating the reggae scene. Steely and Clevie gravitated to Jammy, bringing a new level of musicianship to the game and Bobby "Digital" Dixon took over mixing duties. In the 1990s and into 2000s, Jammy also nurtured a next crop of talented youngsters in both dancehall and roots including Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer, Garnett Silk and Sizzla - all featured on this comprehensive set.

Produced by Olivier Chastan and Johnny Wonder, the bonus DVD documentary is set in King Jammy's own Waterhouse community of Kingston, JA and gives a glimpse of where it all started and the man behind the boards. It pays respect to the legacy and the depth of Jammy's commitment to reggae music.

Jammy's indelible stamp on reggae music is a tasty and importance slice of Jamaican musical history. The tracks on Roots, Reality And Sleng Teng offer a solid sense of the icon's innovative sound and production during multiple eras and showcases the young, unique talents who Jammy nurtured. It is authentic, authoritative and indispensable.

1. Bad Girl - Black Uhuru, Scorcher & Nicodemus
2. African Love/ Yogi Bear - Black Uhuru & Prince Hammer
3. Selassie On His White Horse - John Steele
4. Engineer Affair - Errol Scorcher
5. Zambia - Jammy's & Tubby
6. Where You Gonna Run - The Fantels
7. Jah Created The World - Hortense Ellis
8. Love Tickles Like Magic - Junior Delgado
9. The Lord Is My shepherd - Dennis Brown
10. Skank At The Party - Mighty Rudo
11. Water Pumping - Johnny Osbourne
12. Boom Shack-A-Lack - Junior Reid
13. Sweet Dreams Are Made of This - Echo Minott
14. Money Man Skank - Half Pint
15. Children of The Ghetto - Cocoa Tea
16. Clarks Booty - Little John
17. Under Me Sleng Teng - Wayne Smith
18. It A Ring - Tonto Irie
19. Trouble Again - King Kong
20. Sweet Reggae Music - Nitty Gritty

1. Wear Yuh Size - Lt. Stitchie
2. Original Kuff - Chaka Demus
3. Rock Them One By One - Eccleton Jarrett
4. Nah Lef Ya - Josey Wales
5. Run Around Girl - Chuck Turner
6. I Know The Score - Frankie Paul
7. This Magic Moment - Leroy Gibbons
8. Punanny - Admiral Bailey
9. Duck Dance - Red Dragon
10. Get Up Stand Up And Rock - Shabba Ranks
11. Tumbling Down - Alton Ellis
12. If I Were A Carpenter - John Holt
13. Running From Reality - Admiral Tibet
14. Who She Love - Cocoa Tea, Home T & Shabba Ranks
15. Here I Am - Sanchez
16. Bandelero - Pinchers
17. Roots, Reality And Culture - Bounty Killer
18. Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders - Garnett Silk
19. Fir Bun A Weak Heart - Bushman
20. One Love - Sizzle