Khago - Money A Mi Problem (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Khago performing "Money A Mi Problem" off the 'Success & Strive Riddim' by Fresh Ear Productions. Song produced by Arif Cooper. Video by Grafic Filmz, directed by Ramon Lindsay.

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Khago - Money A Mi Problem (Lyrics)

Tell dem a money a mi problem
Money a you a mi problem
Second love a fi the gyal dem
for me love money so much

(Verse 1)
How yuh stay so
How yuh love flex one a way so
Mi seh mi tell yuh seh mi waan clean every rass day
And mi pocket fi thump like a bay so
Yuh seh mi a yuh cut, the gyal dem a cut wid yuh
Hear seh mi gyal a gimme bun but a must wid yuh
But me don't care from a yuh
You a mi best friend so wah mi fi do

(Verse 2)
Call mi the money groupie
Caw mi follow money go anywhere from it no fruity
A money a the root fi my happiness
Some bwoy haffi sidung and watch mi like movie
Dollar bill man a pree from wah day
Franklin a the don weh mi obey
Poor life seh mi unruly
F*K off and nuh talk to mi