Khago - It Was All A Dream (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Khago performing "It Was All A Dream (Dolla Bill)", song produced by Code 91 / Studio 91 Records. Video directed and edited by Megapixel Visuals.

Khago - It Was All A Dream (Lyrics Snippet)

Am stocking up the dollar dem
Cause it must reach to a mill
Stock up yuh dollar dem
Cause it must reach to a mill

(Verse 1)
Nuff bwoy did rich and dem fell off
Ten car one time down a the wharf
Pretty girls all around dem
Hennessy crate surround dem, clown dem
Mi no wish nuh man no bad
Shoulder to the weak so we dweet and serve God
A your life live yuh life
For me a live mine

When the banker seh a my time
Me want every dime a my time
Me nuh trust mankind
Last week, today nor no time
Am feeling happy
It was just like yesterday
Mi have a dream
And my thing seh mi a go rich ghetto youth

(Verse 2)
Yow mi daughter she love Michael Kors
And me want a new house pon the North Pole
Anyway we haffi work fi weh we want
And no bwoy cyah tell we seh we can't