Khago - I'm So Bless (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Khago performing "I'm So Bless" off the 'Happy Boulevard Riddim' produced by Seanizzle Records, video edited by Ramon Lindsay.

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Khago - I'm So Bless (Lyrics Snippet)

I'm so bless
Seanizzle we nuh stress
I'm so bless
Khago never stress
Mi seh mi know Jah Jah bless me, Jah Jah bless me
So pagan cya stress me
Mi know Jah Jah bless me, Jah Jah bless me

Dem a seh sky weh yuh deh
Mi deh up a happy boulevard
Ten gyal up a mi happy yard
Some a seh what's the deal
This cannot be real
Touch di road a dweet happy hard
Have a new car inna mi a di garage
Bad-mind want see mi get a sad char..
Dem say a bag a things but mi know seh a because
When dem gyal-friend see mi dem pause