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Keznamdi presents his shoulder for you to lean on in "Hold On", single produced by Royal Order Music.

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Keznamdi - Hold On (Lyrics)

Blood is thicker than water
All my family around I love you
So anything you need I got you
So listen when I tell unuh

Hold on, here is a shoulder to lean on
For too long, this road dark and dreary
So be strong, cause I will be there for you
I will be there for you, I will be there for you

(Verse 1)
And when yuh laugh and a smile I a smile with you
And when yuh bawl and a cry I a cry with you
And when yuh fall and a slide I'll be there for you
So just call and in seconds I'll be near to you

I give thanks for the 9 months
My mama did carry me through
And daddy always did advice us
When it was hardest to do
And all the sisters that I got
I hope your dreams dem come true
And all the friend that stick around
I'm always thinking of you

Cause in the forest
You need a lion naw go stay true
When I was the smallest
Still you show the respect that due
So when it's harvest
I will give and share it with you
So if you need a helping hand
I will be there for you