Keznamdi - 10 Pound (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Keznamdi performing "10 Pound", single produced by Natural High Music. 10 Pound is driven by a seismic bassline, with Keznamdi’s anthemic chorus floating over a dub soundbed straight out of Kingston, Jamaica. Video directed by Fareye Films.

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Keznamdi - 10 Pound (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
10 pound a weed inna we charriot
And yes a straight from West we a carry dat
And when it seal up tight yuh cyah smell dat
And yes a straight dung a Town we a sell dat
A overseas nuff bwoy a try send dat
As dem get a visa dem get deport and send back
Oh gosh a long time dem a lock up natty dreadlock
Dem nuh waan fi legalize the herb time fi end dat

Marijuana, we love wi marijuana
Marijuana, we love wi marijuana
Marijuana, we love wi marijuana
Said the old west who love marijuana
Kingston high grade marijuana
Westmoreland, Orange Hill marijuana
New York, Brooklyn marijuana
Said the old west who love marijuana

(Verse 2)
Well a who dem fi come fight down the natural cali
Mi nuh waan dem alcohol that mix up in dem laboratory
Mi nuh waan dem drugs that mix up in dem lab chemically
Mi waan the high grade that good fi mi spiritually
And all the doctor dem a seh it good medically
Before dem utalize the herb fi boost dem economy
Police a brutalize the youths and beat dem physically
We need fi realize that this plan good fi everybody
And now the doctors dem a prove it scientifically
A time fi legalize the herb in every hill and valley
A seh the herb a the healing of the nation
And it deh yah from the start of creation