Kelissa & Keznamdi - Live For Today - Walshy Fire / Soundponics

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Fresh 2015 track from Kelissa and Keznamdi titled "Live For Today" produced by Walshy Fire (Major Lazer), Tippy and Padraic (Soundponics).

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Kelissa & Keznamdi - Live For Today (Lyrics)

Live for today, forget tomorrow
So bold and brave, nothing can stop me now
I got the power la-de-da-deh-eda
I got the power deep down within my heart

(verse 1)
Nothing can stop me but Jah Jah
To take me when it's my time
So I give my all to Jah Jah
My soul, my heart and my mind

I say I'm gone away (i'm gone away)
Never to return
I say I'm gone away (i'm gone away)
The fire haffi burn

(Verse 2)
Got rocky roads but we work it out
Early out in the morning we purge dem out
Wid a hot cup of tea we a steam dem out
We no waan dem Hennessy weh dem pouring out
We got tendencies fi just burn dem out
Wid a little meditation breathing out
All the negative thoughts beg yuh leave dem out
Any negative words haffi clean yuh mouth

Look how long the almighty one reaching out
To all the dirty souls that need cleaning out
All yuh stink aromas need breezing out
I'm bleeding out, all a the things that be killing us
All the stress and the food yuh been giving us
All the lies in the media misleading us
These attractive things that's teasing us