Kalado - Money Comes Evil - Hitmaker Muzik

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Kalado drops new single dubbed "Money Comes Evil" produced by Hitmaker Muzik.

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Kalado - Money Comes Evil (Lyrics Snippet)

When money coming yuh way
Evil coming yuh way
When money coming yuh way
[email protected] be hating

(Verse 1)
Money pile up
If yuh mind bad a nuh my luck
Never see when mi a suffer mother f*ker
But yuh over deh so heart twist and it a boil up
But mi roll wid the bloodclaat bucky
Yuh feel like yuh bloodclaat lucky
If we still a friend
Tonight mi a go k!ll a friend
Cause mi nah go mek no bag come for mi bloodclaat duppy

(Verse 2)
Mi no trust none
Some things weh dem a do, mi no custom
Behind the curtain or when it dusk down
Mek the innocent a pree fi buss gun
And a nuff a dem a snitcha
Things weh dem a do fi get richer
Not even camera nuh waan tek the picture
Dem sh!t up, wah do dem bloodclaat b!tch yah