Kalado - Hard Knock Life - Dre Day Productions

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Kalado sings "Hard Knock Life" and sleeping on the cold concrete. Single produced by Dre Day Productions and digitally distributed by 21st Hapilos Distribution.

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Kalado - Hard Knock Life (Lyrics Snippet)

Living the hard knock life
Living dem cold days
Lying on the cold concrete
Tryna get my goal complete

(Verse 1)
Yuh know the sayin is 'prison no mek fi dog'
So when yuh hear the...., life a living hard
Yuh know today it is living it regard
Behind the dyam brick, life of a convict

God mi praise so him return the support
Three meals a day or a job without pay
System a hustle youth life everyday we go a court
Babylon dignify weh dem signify

(Verse 2)
Mi life no design wid man as mi inmate
Road is heaven enuh, prison a hell gate
God a the outcome fi the problem we face
Behind the dyam brick, life of a convict

False news the media a speculate
Critics a seh mi get life... that's fake
Some waan fi see mi lock weh fi say a dem a run di place
Tell mi real fans dem 'I am ok'