Junior Reid - Dancehall City (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Junior performing "Dancehall City" featuring Blaw Minott and Yung JR. Song produced by JR Productions / Youthman Promotions.

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Junior Reid Ft. Blah Minott & Yung JR - Dancehall City (Lyrics)

Inna the dancehall city
Lock Jamrock, New York City
So yuh know a nuff tow inna we billy
Dancehall city
Everybody waan fi be we
Everything we have the dancehall give we

Dem nuh know Bogle and dem nuh know bout Willie
Dem nuh know Labba Labba, dem a real silly billy
Dem nuh know bout the famine, only know bout the feast
If dem know dancehall dem would a know guinea priest

(Verse 1)
Dancehall city
Yeah we mek hits stack, chips of
Hot chicks, girls weh hot like thermus
Yeah, inna the city nuff hemp a burn up
Yeah mi big in every city so mi never nervous
Yeah, inna the city the people serve us
Cause just like a hydro... we spray bugs
Yeah, we nuh Figo, mi nuh Ronaldinho
But in less than 4 years we win the world cup

Hey, a we mek the streets a talk
When the bloods dem drop yes the heat is on
Hey, nuff number one a cheap record
Man a legend inna the city, man a real Shepard
Hey, and this a weh the streets a talk
We get fame... every street we walk
But mi nuh listen to some people talk
Gwaan bounce some big tune and watch it reach the charts