Juju Blood - International Love (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Juju Blood performing "International Love", produced by Money Green Productions. Video directed by Dukeydukez.

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Juju Blood - International Love (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
A long time gyal mi no see you
Come mek we go to a dance
She seh a long time bwoy mi no see you
She love off the rasta man

Me is a likkle rasta youth from the island
International girl you a the right one
Mi nuh have no ring with no diamond
But mi have a likkle jungle bike weh yuh can rid pon

You could a never, ever, ever
Ever, ever, ever find a love
Like mine
You could a search this West
Still can't find a love
Like mine

She want mi rasta love
She need mi rasta love
She want mi rasta love

(Verse 2)
She didn't have to roll with me
But she's right her because whe waan mi
Hey, let's go to the beach girl
We jammin like Mr Marley

Baby ow-yeah, girl ow-yeah
Feeling lucky that I saw you today
I say ow-yeah girl, ow-yeah
I'm feeling irie, girl I see you today

(Verse 3)
When the sun gone een
Girl would you come with me
Let me take you far, far away
Just you and me

Would you be my girl
You're very special girl you divine
Pon me mi want yuh rewind
Cause you a my girl