Jimmy Cliff - Children (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Jimmy Cliff performing "Children" produced by Niney the Observer. Video directed and edited by Travolta Alexander (Avatar Media Productions). Produced by Mark Foster (SWAT Productions) & Bridgett Anderson. The video portray the sudden disappearance of childhood innocence through everyday abuse. It demonstrates the irresponsibility of child offenders as well as underscore the duty of all to defend the safety and well being of our children.

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Dr. Jimmy Cliff - Children (Lyrics Snippet)

Children are such great fun
How could anyone hurt them
They are so innocent
How could you take that away from them
They are blessed by the most high
They shouldn't be abused and accused

They are not responsible
For the things they do
So child abusers
Just stop and think what you're doing
If you were abused as a child
You shouldn't abuse another child
Give them a chance to grow
Like flowers in the garden

Stop hurting them, stop raping them
Stop using them, stop selling them
Stop cursing them, stop beating them
Stop killing them, stop hurting them
Stop raping them, oh stop using the children

Children of today
Are the leaders of tomorrow
Give them love today
They will love you tomorrow
Don't use them, don't hurt them
Don't sell them, don't curse them
Don't slave them, don't beat them
Don't kill them, oh bless the children

Mothers and fathers take good care
Take good care of your children
If you didn't want them
You shouldn't bring them here
Lead them in heaven
Don't bring them to hell

Just love them, don't hurt them
Love them, don't beat them
Love them, don't hurt them
Love them, don't use them
Love them, don't sell them
Love them, don't abuse the children