Jegz - Irie (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Jegz performing "Irie", song produced by Black 90 Records, video directed by Robin Chin for Enhanced Realizm Studios.

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Jegz - Irie (Lyrics Snippet)

High grade man a burn yeah
From Sunday to Sunday
I'm a doing things my way
Doing 190, on the high way
Listen some big tune a play
Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley
Garnet Silk, Sizzla Kalonji
And a this mi hear the massive a say

Dah one yah Irie...
Dem seh dah one yah Irie...
Jamaica seh it Irie...
Brussels a seh it Irie...

When mi smoke it yow a good vibes it taught us
It goes well with couple speeches a daddy Markus
A Haile Selassie school weh we brought up
So Babylon cah trick neither craft us
Hey, it can soak with the bitters
Stew it inna yuh vegetables, fry it with yuh fritters
Mi use the stick them mek slippers
Pagan come violate mi use the big limb them tun di whippers