Jayds & Keda Fire - Deserve (Official Music Video)

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Jayds and Keda Fire performs music video for their raunchy track titled "Deserve", song produced by Ancient Records, video by Peak State Films.

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Jayds & Keda Fire - Deserve (Lyrics Snippet)

Bwoy you deserve all a this
Bwoy you deserve all a me
Mi good fi ride pon stiff long tall c*cky
My position no gyal cya copy

Keda when yuh skin it out, mi haffi say wow
Me wah f*ck yuh now (Me nah go say no)
Yuh know me (like when mi tip pon mi toe)
And me love (love when me bruk it down low)
Mash up yuh bed like the walls a Jericho
A dem type a f*ck yah mek me fall in love
Look inna me eye mi no come yasso fi pose
Bite mi neck, kiss mi and tekk off mi clothes

Gal mi never plan fi breed yuh but It might happen
Yuh still a hold on all when the bike a spin
Mi f*ck yuh pon the carpet like say mi a Aladdin
Yuh scream out mi name when sup'm jook you like a pin
Cah yuh c*cky pin nuh likkle like a microfilm
Gal mi haffi f*ck yuh before me go inna my coffin
Yuh start bite your lip like is a vanilla muffin
Inna your pu$$y hole weh mi push my c*ck up in