Jay Prince - Eternal Love (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Jay Prince performing "Eternal Love", produced by Mad Unit Production / HDX Studio. Video directed by Drew Stewart / Norman Wallace Jr.

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Jay Prince - Eternal Love (Lyrics Snippet)

Mi put a lot a changes to yuh mind
Never want mi now mi mek yuh haffi need mi every time
Show yuh that the rasta heart is so divine
Show yuh the light and now you're mine
Mi put a lot a changes to yuh mind
Seet deh now yuh want me every-time
Got yuh heart now everything is fine
Everything is fine

First time that I saw you, you were hesitant
Maybe to you I was so damn irrelevant
Never know seh that the rass could be so elegant
Mi keep yuh close to me, between the stairs is no distance

There were a lot a things yuh lack
So mi, fill up the gaps and the empty slots
Fi it nuh look so obvious mi cover all the tracks
And now a inna rasta arms yuh a relax