Javada - Anything You Want (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Javado performing "Anything You Want" off the 'Wet Weather Riddim' produced by Dre Day Productions. Video directed by RD Studios.

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Javada - Anything You Want (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Gyal yuh look good inna yuh clothes
But better when yuh tek it off (tek it off)
Pum Pum fat come mek we set it off
Like a train full a steam so yuh let it off
Buddy tuff, gyal whine till yuh get it soft

Come bubble like the soap sud weh deh inna di pot pot
Send me a pretty pu$$y picture pon the Whatsapp
Gosh, gyal yuh mek mi feel fi go buy cash pot
Caw mi feel luck anytime yuh a drop dat

Use the pu$$y tie me like a obeah
Do that yuh get anything yuh want
Pu$$y fluffy like the sponge inna the sofa
Gimme that yuh get anything yuh want

Flex and drop it gyal sit position
Ready fi the race get set on yuh mark
Bend over.... tat-tat-tada-da