Jami Dread - Privilege / Motion (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Jami Dread performing "Privilege / Motion". The single "Privilege" was produced by Lyrical War Records. "Motion" was produced by Weedy G Soundforce (Squeeze Riddim ).

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Jami Dread - Privilege (Lyrics Snippet)

Gyal a yuh have up the privilege to act stoosh
The right fi gwaan boasty and hype and fi brag cool
All a the man dem weh walk pass dem cyah stop look
And yuh sittn come like a drug
Caw yuh got the man pon hook
Yuh see that pretty property fi get some hard jook
Dung deh yuh nuh carry no dead end, no carry ambush
Gyal a waa war yuh, true man a gwaan stalk yuh
Walk out and gwaan bubble like when water inna pot cook

Gyal how yuh hype so, how yuh hype so
dat a u supposed 2 be the way yuh whine so
yuh mek everyman a waan lef them gyal and mine yuh
Cyah it a fi dem secret dream fi wife yuh
Gyal how yuh hype so, how yuh hype so
A true yuh got the sexy body shape design so
A you a set the lead and all a dem waan join yuh
a dat mek a gyal gwaan fi badmind yuh