Jahmiel - Where Im Gonna Be (Day By Day) - Lee Milla Productions

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Jahmiel performs "Where Im Gonna Be (Day By Day)" produced by Lee Milla Productions.

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Jahmiel - Where Im Gonna Be [Day By Day] (Lyrics)

Where am I gonna be
A few years from now
Cause day by day mi a grow
Time move fast, things happen so slow

(Verse 1)
Who mi a wait pon a wait pon me
And that's like waiting forever
Remember mi have a family with sisters and brothers
And everyday the burden get heavier

Capable of making things better
But how mi a go dweet when mi naw mek nuh cheddar
Opportunity comes one, it's now or never
Mi hope this nuh stop mek we roll together

(Verse 2)
If mi have options mi naw go choose wrong
Jah Jah mi a seek a better way fi move on
Youth dem a Drewsland weh dem fi get food from
If nuttn naw gwaan how we a go trod on

Taking it easy for so long but now mi cyah dweet
My life tougher than a concrete
Hurt when mi mother ask fi things and mi cyah speak
Mi ask please