Jahmiel - Struggles (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Jahmiel performing "Struggles" off the 'Before & After Riddim' produced by Notnice Records. Video directed by Ricardo Williams / Kalila Anderson.

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Jahmiel - Struggles (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Mi girlfriend pack up and gone
And, she a seh nuttn naw gwaan
And, mi done know how life set
If she no know hard times she a nuh wife yet
Bills dem pack up and tall
And, mi nuh have nobody fi call pon
Me alone against the world
No money, no girl

But all these struggles in my life makes me stronger
When everybody gone, my journey goes on and on

(Verse 2)
Mi still a try mek it everyday
And, the system still treat we like slave
And, Yuh see the tax weh you take from
The likkle weh mi get send mi back a square one

So mi try mi luck inna cash-pot
Still no win, Notnice mi that salt
Fi get a work but the boss man a find fault
So weh mi live a crime spot