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Listen Jahmiel's new single "Cold Floor", produced by Quantanium Records and digitally distributed by 21st-Hapilos Digital Distribution.

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Jahmiel - Cold Floor (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Closer you get it's like the hardest it seems, yeah
Struggles come with all a we dreams, yeah
And who you trust dem have tricks all up the sleeves, yeah
Nuff a fight, Lord help me please, yeah
They don't know what I've been through
And they wanna take my happiness, yeah
Gonna over drew every obstacles
Mi know we Jah Jah will bless, yeah

Weh yuh know bout hungry
Weh yuh know bout poor dawg
Dem nuh show no love fi
Fi see you pon the cold floor
Weh yuh know bout hungry
Na, na, na, weh yuh know bout hungry

(Verse 2)
Tears I cry, when mi see mi parents try
But the bills to high
And if dem nuh have enough how the food a buy
I just can't see why we have it so hard on the other side
And I'm gonna make it throuh the stormy weather
Mi know bout karma, so we did the right it mek me better
No listen everything weh people might say
Some just want you fi loose your way, yeah

(Repeat Chorus)