Jahcoustix Ft. Zafayah - The Great Forgetting (Official Video)

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Music video by Jahcoustix and Zafayah performing "The Great Forgetting", presented by IrieVibrations Records. Video directed by Rumen Taskov and Dimitar Krachmarov.

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Jahcoustix Ft. Zafayah - The Great Forgetting (Lyrics Snippet)

What happened to the mystics
We see them asking what is this
This is your culture, your heritage
Too blinded by the negative
What happened to the relatives
As we focus on percentages
We use to have a connection
Now the people are numb from frustration

The great forgetting (forgetting)
The great forgetting (forgetting)

Word, sound, power, yes dem know what it means
Still wanna fight we out by any means
Within the world there's no enemy (no enemy)
Upright inna we heart, walk with integrity
I say, wash away the crimes of humanity
Even the man and the beast can live inna perfect harmony
No fantasy, this could be reality
When Jah manifest them say a synchronicity