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Jah9 advocate for the herbs in her latest track titled "The marijuana" fresh off the 'Steamaz Riddim' produced by Biggy Music.

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Jah9 - The Marijuana (Lyrics Snippet)

One drop a ganja oil a day
Keeps the doctor away
Three drops a ganja oil a day
It keeps the cancer a bay

Creation provided the marijuana
For the heights to be guided by the marijuana
And the nation relying on the marijuana
If a one thing Jamaica lead the way
With Rastafari save the day
Cause him supply dem wid the marijuana
While the government tell lie pon the marijuana
So It up to I & I to free the marijuana
Rastafari lead the way with the levity we maintain

(Verse 1)
For years they persecute I
Send police to hunt and kill
Raid and burn up we farming
And send the youths dem go a jail
Now hypocrisy presenting itself as good business practice
When the farmer colonizers want to meet with Rastafari
To work out logistics when...

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yes there are some things to be address now
Some reparation you could say
Lets start with some land and incentives
All if you nuh have no money
So mr. minister of whatever is required to fly the gate
Economic liberation on the way
And Jah9 and the big one up a front await

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mr. Gong little son seh set up shop
So gwaan prepare your powers till the word sound drop
Nuh watch the lock of formal training watch the rate of progress
when you give a Jamaican just a little access
Yes, education helped prepared us to self sustain
As I intentionally classified the higher brain
But we indigenous so the ganja free we up
And when them legalize it I will advertise it

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Intro)