Jah9 - Avocado (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Jah9 performing "Avocado" from her album 'New Name' produced by Rorystonelove. Video shot by GD Films and edited by Samo 'Kush-I' Johnson.

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Jah9 - Avocado (Lyrics Snippet)

Mi have a likkle juvie name Orlando
Him have a plot a land up a west ova so
Him know mi love mi belly cause a just so mi grow
And me favorite ting bring fi mi is avocado

Avocado mi love di avocado

And when the pear nuh inna season still him know wah mi waan
Fi steam up wid di shell dem pon di open fire
An everything me need you know mi king deliver
Fi heighten my affection wid di sweet collie draw

Sweet collie draw mi love di sweet collie draw

Him ride een pon him bike fi bring di good love to me
Nuttn too hype jus a Honda 50
Him used to be a solji so him built properly
Fi treat mi likkle body wid di right remedy

Right remedy him have di right remedy

Him teach mi all principles him learn from the land
And as a me alone him have mi naw fi share him passion
Nuh gyal a road cyah intervene cause dem nuh know what a gwaan
Dis perfect specimen a fimme humble lion

humble lion him a mi humble lion