Jah Vinci Ft. Beenie Man - Don Of All Dons - Grillaras Productions

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New collab from Jah Vinci and Beenie Man titled "Don Of All Dons" produced by Grillaras Productions.

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Jah Vinci Ft. Beenie Man - Don Of All Dons (Lyrics Snippet)

Tell dem, man a yardy
Real leader like Garvey
So all when dem rise up a army
Tell dem say, mi fans deh yah for mi
Anywhere we go people surround wi
Stay true to the one dem weh know wi

Man a general, born as a don
Trendsetta so mi nah follow none


Mi a di young general, real to di thing
Zim Zimma, gimme the keys to the Bimm
Mi and mi gyal a roll out like wheels to the rim
Champagne cork a pop, reach to the brim
Anywhere mi go people salute me like a king
Just fi hear mi sing, promoter give me everything
Pocket haffi fat and it no need fi go a gym
Member when mi dung and haffi hustle fi a thing
Now mi climb di money tree and mi go chop dung every limb
People haffi happy fi di way how we living