Jah Vinci - Do It Again - JWonder / Adde Prod.

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New track from Jah Vinci titled "Do It Again" off the 'Smile For The World Riddim', produced by Johnny Wonder / Adde Productions.

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Jah Vinci - Do It Again (Lyrics Snippet)

Look how di gyal dem hot, a dem me want, mi love how the party a gwaan
Some man a tek on the grind, party in mind, cah mi love see di gyal dem a whine
Right now mi gas tank full and mi bills dem pay and mi just done work fi di pay
Yeah mi feel nice fi hold a one vibes and da party yah slapweh a way
Bartender full up mi cup, hennessy and ciroc, god know da party yah buck
Johnny Wonder di summer hot but summer shot mi a find one party fi lock

And that's why we nah go home
Cah we a do it again, we a do it again
Tell bad mind people leave we alone
When we a do it again, man a do it again