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Jah Vinci and Demarco talks about "Badman Place", track produced by 3ripledose Productions.

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Jah Vinci & Demarco - Badman Place (Lyrics Snippet)

Badman place inna badman place
Yuh nuh fi look inna nuh badman face
Badman place this a badman place

When mi tell dem lyrics, this a nuh rhyming
Tower Hill, a nuh hill fi go climbing
Water House, a nuh pool fi yuh try swim
Maxfield, a nuh ball field fi pile in
Rockfort, a nuh stone fi yuh try swim
Not Seaview , yuh better lock up uno eye king
Stand Pipe, gyal alone get wi piping
Canterbury, a nuh berry fi nuh biting

Tell informer lock yuh mouth, when we a roll out
Cah it nuh tek wi nothing fi shows a soul out
Man a represent every zinc fence and board house
Member wi nuh spend money weh wi nuh know bout

Yeah, mi find out a talking dem inna
Dem wah stop mi from roll out di black Bimmer
Dem badmind Demarco and Jah Vinci di singer
Mek di place get hot and dem cya stay in yah