Jah Torius - The System Evil (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Jah Torius performing "The System Evil" off the 'Way Back Riddim' produced by Akom Records. Video directed by Wayne Benjamin for Fabrikated ProjeX.

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Jah Torius - The System Evil (Lyrics Snippet)

Say the system evil, evil
Children open up your eyes
Everyday we suffer, suffer
Everyday we cry, oh lord lord

(Verse 1)
So mi cry fi mi friend dem weh pass and gone
Cry through the sun and mi cry through the storm
Work nine-to-five live mi life legal
Vote every four years still nuttn naw gwaan
Dem trick the doctors inna the hospital
And treat the teachers dem like dem a animal
Yuh see some judge, some lawyer
And some politician nuff a dem a criminal

(Verse 2)
Rastafari open mi eyes dem to this yah system
So mi a tell mi nation fi do some reading
A two road before we, dem bring we down the wrong one
Dem naw give we none a Markus high teaching
But a straight to hell dem reaching
Fi all a the things weh dem involve in
Dem give the guns to the youths dem fi do the killing
And set the roads dem fi the girls dem do prostituting