Jah Sun - Salute (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Jah Sun performing "Salute" taken from the album 'New Paradigm' produced by House Of Riddim. Video directed by Tim Cash.

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Jah Sun - Salute (Lyrics Snippet)

Babylon yuh cyah kill my joy
Jah bless my life so I have no fear
I hold my head up high
Salute, the king of kings is standing right there
No matter how dem try
Your negative vibes, it just cyah come near
So hold your head up high
Salute, The king of kings is standing right there

(Verse 1)
So many rivers to cross, so many mountains to climb
Pleasure and pain the fine line
Too many hours lost while I repress the wine
Under the street lights sublime
Standing on the corner to watch the don guy
Don't let the system blow your mind
Yuh better rise and shine
Now it's about time I take back what's mine