Jah Sun & Lion D - Resistance (Official Video)

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Music video by Jah Sun and Lion D performing "Resistance", produced by House Of Riddim. Video directed by Tim Cash.

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Jah Sun & Lion D - Resistance (Lyrics)

Not true we living inna time full of violence and crime
The people stressing, the people stressing yow
From the motive and intention of today's politician
We learn a lesson, we learn a lesson yow
To put our trust in a system that just makes us the victim
It's out a the question, it's out of the question yow
It's our birthright to find love and peace of mind
This is Jah blessing now

(Verse 1)
Cause there's no time to waste so you better make haste
In this yah wicked rat race there's no love or grace
This get replaced by your paper chase
Don't forget to give Jah thanks and praise
Lion seh seek Jah Jah first and know what life is worth
Who Jah Jah bless there's no man can curse
Look at yourself and seh you've got what it takes
Nuh bow down fi diamond and pearls

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The wicked shall perish but Jah is forever
Knowledge of the most high is our greatest treasure
Mi know seh ties more tougher than leather
But never give up because it will get better
Everyday is getting redder
But Jah Jah guide we through the good and bad weather
Jah Sun & Lion we nuh see nobody weh we fraid of
No man is an island mek we do this together
A weh you a say my bredda

(Repeat Chorus)