Jah Mason - Tell Me Why (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Jah Mason performing "Tell Me Why" off the 'C Major Riddim' produced by Dub Tone Music and composed by Tim Dub. Video directed by Richard Brown.

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Jah Mason - Tell Me Why (Lyrics Snippet)

Yuh ever check the economy and the minimum wage
The poorer class alone deh pon the tax man page
Dem a treat poor people like bird inna cage
So mi ask why do the heathen rage
As mi turn on mi television a dem dat deh pon di stage
A share dem bad habit and dem dirty ways
Nuh give in to dem and whatever dem says
Dem can't be trusted, we find them busted

Tell me, tell me why
Bigger heads yuh pressure poor people
Tell me, tell me what
More yuh want we do

How yuh so cruel and bilious inna your thoughts
Inna the valley of righteousness weh me a walk
Yuh pressure poor people a dat a di talk
Dem a gwaan bad, mi world yah fi mark
Bigger heads well fed and dem a hide we inna di dark
Well that simple mean yuh no care bout the poorer class
Dem must get a judgement yuh nah fi ask
This a weh mi ask dem