Jah Cure - Show Love (Official Video)

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Music video by Jah Cure performing "Show Love" off the album 'The Cure' produced by VP Records.

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Jah Cure - Show Love (Lyrics)

I got something for you girl
I need you in my world
Happy birthday to you

Let me love you and squeeze you
Feel you, show love than anyone
Ever showed love in your life, uh yeah

(Verse 1)
If you let me underneath your skin
I could show you how my love begin
Make a little room in your heart for me
and I'll move right in
Let me nibble up on your ears
Tell you all you need to hear
Let my voice serenade your soul
and take away your fear
Let me take away your fears, uh yeah
Take away your fears, girl
So precious, way more than valuable

(Repet Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I can build a home in your mind
Then you can let your spirit unwind
I can take my time and do it slow
Till you're mentally inclined
There's so much in life to see
Beyond your reality
Everything your body is yearning for
Find it here with me, oh baby, baby
You're so precious, way more than valuable

(Repeat Chorus)