Jah Cure - Life We Live (Official Music Video)

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Jah Cure performs music video for "Life We Live", song produced by Iyah Cure Music, video directed by The Truth.

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Jah Cure - Life We Live (Lyrics Snippet)

Everytime you take one step
Something pulls you back
But you get back up each time you fall
Wicked people and badmind
Lurking in the dark
But I have no fear I walk with Jah

Turn the world off
And turn the music on
Just light up another one
Relax and just close your eyes (oh ooh)
Natural mystic is in the air
Bob Marley says have no fear
Everything is gonna be alright
Some days you’re up and some you’re down
Weak today, tomorrow strong
Some you’ll lose and some you’re gonna win

That’s the life, the life, the life, the life we live
The life, the life we live (wooo wooo)

Every time you hear this song
Put your lights up
Keep the fire burning in your soul (yeah)
Good vibrations everywhere
Feel it in your bones
Too blessed to be stressed is what I sing