J Capri - Lyrics To The Song (Official Music Video)

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J Capri performs music for "Lyrics To The Song", produced by sukuward / MiSik Muzik, video directed by RD Studios.

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J Capri - Lyrics To The Song (Lyrics Snippet)

Watch how mi tic-it and mi toc-it
Drop-it and mi pop-it
And mi whine up mi body
Him seh mind yuh mek mi touch it
Love how yuh touch mi baby
Just give it to me daily
Every time yuh love mi up
Yuh do sup'm weh just a aah

Tek it when yuh want it
A yours mi nah flaunt it
A yuh alone can love mi good
Nobody cya replace it
Mi love it how yuh set mi good
Mi ready fi yuh baby
Speed it up but nuh bother get dizzy
And mek mi seh ah