Iyara - Party Right Yah So (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Iyara performing "Party Right Ya So" off the 'Holiday Weekend Riddim' produced by Time Unit Music. Video directed by Triple-D.

Iyara - Party Right Yah So (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
One a the baddest selector a juggle
Gyal a bubble, that's how we party
Hot gyal still a pull up inna hot vehicle
And the thugs dem a bad people
Liquor a drink and grades a burn
Mi frass fi real, mi drop mi shades a ground
But mi a party right now before da old age deh come

Mek we party right yah so
God know seh mi like yah so
Mi a spend the whole night yah so
Party right yasso
Unuh push up unuh light yah so
Wave dem like a wiper so

Party right yah so
Yeh the colors dem bright yah so
Gyal a pree we pon skype yah so
Party right yah so
It's an holiday

(Verse 2)
So the bubble brain party
We pree the girls nuh see no guys
Support the bar we throat nuh dry
Grades a burn, mi feel so high, about to fly
High, up inna the cloudy sky
As one bottle done another one mi send go buy
Da party yah shot naw tell nuh lie
Traffic mi build up a the bar naw give nuh bly
Nuh ask mi why