Ishawna Ft. Busy Signal - Do It - Yard Vybz Ent

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Busy Signal and Ishawna "Do It" in their latest single, produced by Yard Vybz Ent.

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Ishawna Ft. Busy Signal - Do It (Lyrics Snippet)

Fingers through your hair show yuh love and tender care
Babes, mi nuh matter who a look or who a stare
Babes, sidung yasso mek mi rock you like a chair
Yuh full a sexiness, no other girl nuh compare
Babes, inna hipsters or yuh likkle short dress
Dem try fi stop yuh di link but we connect regardless
Its just like wifi, our connection cordless
I'll treat you right cause mi nuh heartless

Baby, my body on your body on
You mi need nuh wah no other companion
Girl mi direct your sexy body like a movie
Trust mi, mi love di way yuh move mi
Baby.. baby..