Ishawna - Domesticated - JA Productions

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Ishawna talks "Domesticated" in her latest 'JA Productions' produced track off the 'Tribute Riddim'.

Ishawna - Domesticated (Lyrics Snippet)

Nuff gyal deh inna dance a whine and dem house it dutty
Nuff gyal no have nuh culinary skill suh dem live a Kentucky
Some gyal cyah be no wife
Dem only good fi flex wid and spend a one night
But dem nah live nuh life cause nuh man nah stick around

Mi a ghetto gyal
Mi can wash, cook and clean and quint yeah
Nuh dutty plate cyah pack up inna sink weh
Mi can wash, cook and clean and quint yeah
Mi bed clean, mi sheet nuh full a chink
My man haffi live right him haffi eat right
And come home every night
Some gyal dem nuh have no choice dem quick fi bruk fight
Dem need fi tek a hike

(Verse 1)
Cah good gyal a pelpa, mi nuh need helper
Domesticated anywhere mi shelter
Man cyah taste mi food and get in a no temper
Super woman weh belong inna avenger
Body check, house set
Clean sheet, good pot set
When mi man touch the road clothes haffi press
So my life cyah be depress