Ishawna - Cheerful Giver (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Ishawna performing "Cheerful Giver" off the 'Fix Up Riddim' produced by ZJ Liquid / H2O Records. Video directed by Mr. B and edited by Roger Maxwell.

Ishawna - Cheerful Giver (Lyrics Snippet)

A gyal haffi go share her man
She could a mean like star apple
She haffi get with the program
She haffi share her man
God bless a cheerful giver
Mean gyal, try understand

(Verse 1)
Fight haffi bruk, bottle haffi bruk
Gyal yuh could a deal, yuh man mi haffi bruk
Gyal nuff like sand pon the beach
And good man short and we cyah get enough
Gyal you haffi give to receive
You a gwaan like a you alone fi suck seed
Sharing is caring, do a good deed
To how the love sweet mi swear mi cyah breathe

(Verse 2)
Mi a tek him caw mi nuh fraida a gyal
Mi goodness deh deh, mi have good material
Mi a tek him, and mi nuh business a who
Mi sure bout mi self but him nuh sure bout you
Mi a tek him, him nuh care weh you seh
You a call down him phone a try know weh him deh
Still a tek him, but him haffi leave yah today
Mi a try send him home but him naw go no weh