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Imari and Tommy Lee Sparta brings you "Tha Life" produced by UIM Reccords.

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Imari Ft. Tommy Lee Sparta - Tha Life (Lyrics)

Raise up and let me give yuh what yuh ask for
I switch gears put my fitted on the dash board
The sun's out so I'm try to be the good sport
Car so deep, feel like we pushing a Concorde
See I ain't even hit the world with the sound force
So I'm sitting having drinks bout the world tour

I cut the fish and I threw it off a the back cliff
And then I watch how dem shark come attack it
My life tragic but they dying to clone it
They can't stand me but they dying to own it
It's supm wrong with the picture and I know this
I Still get mad, talk sh!t and roll a tight fist
In that order
But see my patience run tight through the border
So never mind that they call me the hoarder
Let me introduce you to the thug a the daughter

I was born a champion, born a king
Born a here, born again
I'm a legend, i'm forever
And ima set this place on fire
This is tha life.... hmmm
This is tha life, life, life, life, life

[Tommy Lee Sparta]
Sparta full a carrot like seh the wul a dem a rabbit
Anyweh the money deh mi grab it
One ounce a dope, 28 gram it
Four corner govern the planet

Comma, 24 hours mi deh pon the hustling
Cyah believe seh a so much hater mi money bring
Fat pu$$y browning sidung inna mi car
Violate then call mi kill everything