Ikon D Link Suicidal or Just Making A Statement?

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On August 12, 2014 up-and-coming recording artist Ikon D Link threatens to jump from Zip103 Transmitter Tower if Disc Jock ZJ Liquid didn't play his song. The song is titled "Stress" and seemed rather fitting which includes lyrics like ("I am stress, I am broke, I need something to smoke, it ain't no joke."). After some debate the song did make it's rounds on the airwaves. Police officers and firemen rescued Ikon from the tower and he was later taken off to jail.

Fresh from jail Jason Williams for OnStageTV caught up with Ikon to get an understanding of exactly what was on his mind. Although he was arrested, Ikon states that he's not out on bail but rather he's a free man free from all charges. Ikon claims that his actions weren't planned and that God told him to climb the tower so his voice could be heard. He also states that his actions weren't purely self motivated but a move to help other upcoming artists get more air-plays ("I took one for the team" he said).

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