Ikon D Link - Jump (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Ikon D Link aka the 'Tower Man' performing "Jump", produced by Kirk Lee & Jovi Dipree for Bombshop Records. Video directed by Benjamin Lidsky for Road Block Films.

Ikon D Link - Jump (Lyrics Snippet)

Jump when yuh see Ikon
Yuh fi jump when yuh see the tower man
Yuh fi jump when yuh see the gyal dem man
Yuh fi jump, jump

Mi style so fress it have the whole street a jump
Mi nuh pick pocket inna jail mi naw jump
Every gyal wan't the man weh a jump
Fire Wayne tell me dah one yah a go jump
Jamaica a wonder if mi mad or mi drunk
From the day mi born dem a tell mi seh fi jump
Mi climb pon the tower dem a tell mi seh fi jump
Mi lef Miss Chin dah gyal deh naw jump

A soldier catch me and him wife inna him bunk
Him fling couple thump through the window mi jump
Dah one yah a go put me inna the airplane front
And if it naw shot a out of the sky mi a go jump
Mi naw stop till the money stink like dump
Man pon YouTube a tell mi seh fi jump
When dem arm green and dem nuh bathe fi months
Inna the shower dem fi bloodclaat jump